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What are YOU looking at?

Today we had Vodafone booked in on our Promobikes for some engaging outdoor advertising in Galway. Our job was to promote Vodafone in Galway in a fun and effective manner. Our promotional staff were briefed on the campaign details and were able to engage with their target audience on a face to face level.

Campaign: Vodafone

Date: 9th March

Cycle: 2

Media Used: 2 Promobikes

Location: Galway

Campaign Objectives: To promote “the Vodafone College Campus Tour”, focusing on the great value deals that Vodafone offer to students.

Targeted Area’s:

  • NUI Galway

If you’re wondering or searching – “how to promote my business in Galway?” – our Promobikes are a cost efficient and effective promotional tool. The use of advertising bikes as part of a localised marketing campaign has proven success. Our promotional staff are briefed prior to each campaign day and can hand out branded merchandise and other promotional material free of charge.

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