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Coors – Promobikes – Galway  
Today we had Coors booked in on our Promobikes for some engaging outdoor advertising in Galway. Our job was to promote Coors in Galway in a fun and effective manner. Our promotional staff were briefed on the campaign details and were able to engage with their target audience on a face to face level.

Date: 24th & 25th April 2018


Cycle: 9


Media Used: 2 Promobikes


Location: Galway


Campaign Objectives: To promote Coors Light Challenge Rooms at Spanish Arch, Galway


Targeted Area’s: 

  • Spanish Arch
  • Spanish Parade
  • Father Griffin Rd
  • Quay St
  • Quay Lane
  • The long Walk

If you’re wondering or searching – “how to promote my business in Galway?” – our Promobikes are a cost efficient and effective out of home promotional tool. The use of advertising bikes as part of a localised sales and marketing campaign has proven success. Our riders double as brand ambassadors and are briefed prior to each campaign day – they can hand out branded merchandise and other marketing material at no additional cost.
For more information on our Promobikes or any of our other sales, marketing and promotional products please contact info@promogroup.ie or fill out the request a proposal form.


What is a Promobike?

Promobikes are state of the art recumbent quad advertising bikes. Their integrated A- Frame enables the advertiser to take their message directly to their audience.


Where can I use a Promobike?

Promobikes can target anywhere: City/Town Centers, Sports events, Shows, Exhibitions, Concerts and College Campus.


What is the size of the posters?

Each Promobike uses two six-sheet posters (1200m x 1800m).


Can the Promobike rider also distribute leaflets and product samples?

Yes, our Promobike operators also double as brand ambassadors and can distribute your product samples or leaflets.


Can I rent a Promobike without a rider?

Yes, we also rent our Promobikes and give you a quick training on how to operate them.


Can I add/attach my own sampling box to the bike?

Yes, the advertising pod is detachable leaving a platform that can carry a sampling box or giant product replica.


How long can I rent the Promobikes?

The Promobikes can be rented for 8 hours a day for as many days as you require. Subject to availability.


Can I rent the Promobikes outside Dublin?

Yes, our nationwide coverage service allows you to target your audience anywhere in Ireland.


Do I get a report after the campaign?

Yes, we will send you a campaign report with images of the bikes at all locations required.


How can I make a booking?

You can send us an email or schedule a consultation here: https://promogroup.ie/contact/