Promobikes are state of the art recumbent quad advertising bikes. Their integrated A- Frame enables the advertiser to take their message directly to their audience using two six-sheet posters (1200m x 1800m). Their versatility allows you to literally follow your target audience.

The Promobikes are back lit, equipped with steros and have ample storage space for leaflets and product samples allowing clients to further enhance campaigns at no extra cost.

The advertising pod is detachable leaving a platform that can carry a sampling box or giant product replica. Our promobike operators also double as brand ambassadors and carry iPads for competition entry or data collection.

The best thing about the Promobikes is that they can target anywhere…..

  • City/Town Centers
  • Sports events
  • Shows
  • Exhibitions
  • Concerts
  • College Campus’


  • All campaigns are supervised.
  • Full campaign report including photos after each campaign day.
    Nationwide Coverage
  • Access agreements with all major colleges in Ireland
  • Sampling – advertise and sample a new product at the same time.
  • Audio systems on board for corporate message and added impact.
  • Back lighting system for evening and winter work.
  • Can be Wi-Fi enabled.
  • 4 wheels allowing for all weather and seasons operation.
  • Competitive pricing which includes the rider costs.
  • State-of-the art bikes; light weight, stable, sportier and more transportable than other models available.
  • Rider and bike fully insured for personal, property and public liability.
  • Bikes can be adapted to fit or support any campaign.