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Social Media

Entrust your social media marketing needs to us. Our certified experts are adept at harnessing the power of leading social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Our SMM Services

At Promogroup, we offer a wide range of SMM services to connect you with your audience through our custom-designed action plans.

With around 2.9 billion active users per month, Facebook is a top-tier platform. We run our Facebook marketing campaigns at Globials, using both organic and paid ad strategies to guide your business towards success.

With around 4.54 billion active users per day, Instagram is a reliable platform for generating high-quality leads. Whether you’re selling products or services, we formulate our SMM strategies to increase your followers and prospects.

LinkedIn has emerged as a platform for professionals, both beginners and experts. We provide result-driven marketing tactics on LinkedIn to make your business a brand of inspiration and innovation, ensuring more sales.

Pinterest is a great advertising social platform with around 400 million active users per day. Our years of experience in SMM services allow us to provide a brilliant visual expression on Pinterest with a complete SEO-optimization strategy, ensuring tremendous organic traffic for your site.

With around 330 million active daily users, Twitter is a superior social media platform that can help your business gain recognition. We construct proven Twitter Marketing Campaigns via #tags and result-driven tweets to increase your site’s search volume organically and engage a sound audience.

Social Media Marketing Services: Amplify Your Online Presence

Let’s give your digital marketing a social spin with Promogroup Ireland, your dedicated social media marketer. Social media marketing is a vast field with infinite possibilities for a successful digital marketing strategy. At Promogroup, we offer comprehensive social media management services, including paid ads and regular content updates. We optimize content, ad copy, and targeting to align with your social marketing strategy, leaving the social engagement to you – after all, you know your customers best!

We also offer a separate online marketing optimization service, Social Media Optimization (SMO), which includes branding, design, and optimization of your social media pages and static content. This service also includes the addition of social functionality and elements to your business’s website.

Our Social Media
Marketing Agency offers:

With social media marketing poised to surpass search engine marketing, can your business afford to be left behind? We recommend availing our SMO service before launching your social marketing campaign. Package discounts are available, contact us for more details, or continue reading for more information about SMM for your business.

How Our Social Media Marketing Services Can Benefit You

We focus on the major social media platforms to capture the most relevant and well-targeted audience for your business through our SMM services.

This ensures:

Enhanced Brand Awareness

Experience an enhanced Brand Awareness, as your presence expands across audiences. Elevate your brand's recognition and influence leaving a lasting impression with strategic marketing, captivating content and seamless engagement.

Significant Organic Traffic

Drive your online success with Significant Organic Traffic. Our social media marketing service ensures increased visibility, engagement, and followers, ensuring that your company is seen by a precisely targeted audience.

Increased Sales

Witness your revenue soar as our strategies drive demand, attract leads, and convert prospects into loyal customers. Let your business experiences growth and get a boost in revenue, setting you apart from competitors and strengthening your position in the market.

Improved SEO Ranking

Take your online presence to the next level with Improved SEO Ranking. Experience heightened visibility, targeted traffic, and sustainable growth. Our social media marketing service empowers your brand to climb search engine results.

High ROI

Our data-driven strategies and optimized campaigns ensure maximum returns on investments. Experience financial success and unparalleled efficiency in your business ventures.

Social Media Management

Entrust your social media success to our expert company's skilled Social Media Management service. Witness Increased Sales as we engage your audience and convert leads.

Our social media experts interact with your current and potential customers on various social media channels, driving more traffic to your site and delivering exceptional results and ROI. We help build stronger connections between your brand and your customers and followers.


Brand Monitoring

Monitoring the sentiment of your customers and followers on social media platforms is crucial for social media marketing. We can enhance your company’s image by tracking each mention of your brand, understanding what your customers and potential customers are saying about your company and its industry.


Social Media Contests

Contests on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are an excellent way to attract high-quality visitors to your website in a short amount of time. Our social media professionals will determine the type of contests that would work best for your business and the most suitable social networks for these contests.


Profile Setup and Custom Design

We can help you create social media profiles that promote your brand, complete with stunning images, impressive graphic designs, and engaging page layouts that are sure to attract more attention from potential customers than your competitors.


Our SMM Services

At Promogroup, we offer a wide range of SMM services to connect you with your audience through our custom-designed action plans.