Online Voucher Scheme

The Trading Online Voucher Scheme was created to help small businesses expand their online sales and broaden their market reach.

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About the program

This program enables you to expand your online business with support from the National Digital Strategy of government. By taking part in this program, you may significantly simplify the online trading procedure for yourself.

The Trading Online Voucher Scheme was created to help small firms with up to 10 employees expand their online trading, increase sales, and tap into new markets. It provides guidance and incentives to help your business trade online together with the financial aid of up to €2,500 with a co-funding of 50% from the company.

Qualifying criteria

Must be a small firms with up to 10 employees
Needs to have eCommerce on the site
Turnover must be less than €2 million
Must be in business for more than 1 year


Businesses that have already acquired a Trading Online Voucher can file for another voucher if it gets exhausted.

The training offered serves as a guide to making delicate and consequential decisions. At large, they provide details and vital information that guide your business and position you rightly for sales and growth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Even though this scheme is open to all businesses operating within a low range, there are certain criteria that your business needs to meet. Some of these are:
  • Attending a Trading Online Seminar with your Local Enterprise Office
  • The applicant’s business must have been in operation for at least 6 months with proof
  • The business should possess a poor or nonexistent online presence
  • The staff strength should be 10 people or less Business must be located in the LEO’s service area.
  • This is because LEOs cannot approve proposals from businesses outside of their region.
  • Business revenue of under €2 million.
This scheme is targeted solely at the expansion and growth of businesses that qualify. Hence the grant can be channeled towards all that will increase growth and sales online. Below are some practical and productive things to use the funds for:
  • Building a new eCommerce site or sales funnel is also a smart channel to put the funds. You will definitely get your ROI in due time
  • It can be used for the expansion of payment options on your e-commerce store and website.
  • The voucher can also be applied to low-cost online retail platform memberships, which can assist businesses in establishing an online presence for retailing fast.
  • The grant can be channeled toward diverse areas of digital marketing such as email listings, social media ads, content marketing, influencer marketing, and PPC.
  • If your business requires booking, it can be used to provide a booking feature on your website.
  • Business revenue of under €2 million.
  • Get your 6 months’ proof of trade and assets declaration for the business ready
  • Reach out to your local enterprise board at and contact them to request a spot on the upcoming TOV (Trading Online Voucher) webinar.
  • Wait to receive a link to an application form
  • Complete this online webinar (which lasts for around an hour), because it will help your business a lot.
  • Then we will take it up from there. All you need to do is simply get in touch with us, and we’ll assist you with your inquiries.