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Online campaigns

Paid search campaigns are widely used by small and medium-sized businesses. For example, Google AdWords places ad copy above, below or to the side of any particular set of Google search results. In this way, companies can create their own advertising wherever they feel it will be most effective.

 It’s simple. You write a brief ad for your business using strong phrases and keywords. Whenever a customer searches Google for those words and phrases, your ad will appear along with a link to your website, and you are charged by Google for each customer that visits your site. 

To stand out, it is important to choose phrases and words that will attract the customers most likely to do business with you. Offer a specific product or service, highlighting what is special about your offering. Repeat keywords if you can.

Social Media

Marketers are continually telling us Social Media is very important for promoting your business but what are the practical things you can do to make the most of these tools? Specifically, how can you utilise Instagram and Facebook to maximise the benefits to your business?

·      Instagram

Instagram is a social media app that allows users to share photos and short videos online to other users. If you add a #hashtag it will be linked to any other posts on the same topic. It can be as specific as your brand name e.g. #promogroup or more general like #OutdoorAdvertising, #DigitalAdvertising. There are several ways to use Instagram to help you boost your business.


Set clear goals

Think about what your objectives are, do you want to: increase awareness; change perception; or reach a new audience.

Build a following

There are a number of ways you can build your Instagram following. These include: linking your Facebook account; engaging with others by following and liking their photos; and using relevant hashtags.  

Balance business images with fun images
You should aim to use both images related to your business as well as fun images. Make sure to track the engagement on your images to find out what your followers like the most. 

Consider paid advertising
You can use ads to get people to click through to your website, download your app or simply to raise brand awareness.

·      Facebook

Today one of the most popular ways to market any business online is using Facebook. Facebook allows you to put your business in front of thousands of people using different tools and if done properly you can establish a relationship and credibility with a large number of people who in turn will visit your website and purchase your products and services.

Facebook Advertising will work for you if your target audience is Local, National or International. Facebook can help you stay in touch with your best prospect for new sales – your existing customers and provide new ways to identify new audiences for your services. It will also help you build brand and product awareness.

As well as posting your own content for free, Facebook allows small businesses to advertise on the platform. Once a free business page has been set up, SMEs can go through a step-by-step process of reaching an audience through targeted adverts.

Businesses can reach audiences based on factors such as location, age, interests and so on. SMEs decide how much to spend on the ad before it’s reviewed by Facebook and receive metrics of how well the ad is performing.

Radio campaigns

The typical radio listener is working around the home or driving their car, so it can be a challenge to engage them.

It is best to start with the most important part of your message, like ‘Now on sale in Ireland for the first time, the famous (product name)’. Introduce your business name, and don’t be afraid to repeat it.

Keep your focus, and don’t spend your valuable 20 or 30 seconds giving a laundry list of products or services you have on offer. You will only be able to use 60-70 words in a 30-second ad.

A good technique for radio is to write for the eye as well as the ear. Try to entice your customer with the benefits of your service e.g. ‘sit back and enjoy a nice glass of wine and a movie, because our firm is looking after you with our ABC burglar alarm’.

Finish off with a call to action, either to phone or visit your premises or website. Read a phone number or address twice if you have time. Remember that you may have to include a disclaimer at the end, depending on the sector in which you operate.

Print campaigns

Of all print media, your business is most likely to want space in a national or local newspaper, or in trade magazines. Examine the adverts in previous issues of your preferred publication to get a sense of what works. Ask the publication for its guidelines and assistance if you need it.

Focus on a single, clear message you want your ad to relay. Use the headline, and the illustration or photograph, to grab the customer’s attention. Perhaps it’s time your business had a slogan? Work on it!

Keep your approach simple and tightly written. You know what your customers want, so use the space to tell them you can fulfill their needs. Always give your contact details, and social media links.