Out of Home Advertising (OOH)​

Out of Home Advertising is the optimal way to reach consumers on the go – offering enormous reach and engagement with your target audience. We’ll create the perfect strategy in order to communicate your message to the right people,​ in the right place, at the right time.​

We offer impactful and engaging Out of Home Advertising services such as:​
Mobile Advertising:

This advertising technique allows advertisers to reach a diverse and engaged audience in various urban or crowded settings. This form of advertising leverages the mobility of bikes to increase visibility and engagement, providing a dynamic and eco-friendly approach to getting messages across.

  • Advertisement displayed at eye level ​
  • No requirement for Council permits​
  • Standard 6 Sheet posters on both sides​
  • Access to high
    footfall pedestrianised locations.​
  • Battery powered 49 Inch Screen​
  • Full High Definition 1080p​
  • Wide viewing angle​
  • Advertisement displayed at eye level
Brand Activations​:

Brand activation campaigns are designed to create direct engagement and interaction between a brand and its target audience.

We aim to go beyond traditional advertising and create meaningful touchpoints that resonate with consumers on a personal level.
  • Increase sales through high product visibility​
  • Attract consumer attention to product promotions or launches​
  • Maximise brand impact at the point of purchase​
  • High footfall locations​
We have access to prime locations at Applegreen, Social D (Pubs), The Grafton Barber and Expert Stores, which provides the perfect high footfall platform to execute a successful Brand Activation​
  • Promogroup are on hand to manage brand Activation Permits at
    these locations.​
  • Our Promobikes & Digibikes are available to add brand exposure at surrounding areas.​
  • We can draw further attention to staffed brand activations by placing our Digital A-Frame Boards at prominent locations around the store​
  • Full Brand Activation kiosks can be installed at Applegreen Service Stations​
Experiential Marketing​

We specialise in creating experiential marketing campaigns that leave a lasting impression on consumers. We work closely with our clients to develop custom campaigns that are tailored to their specific needs and goals​. We always try to create immersive and memorable experiences for consumers to engage with a brand, product, or service.