LG Scan and Win Campaign

The Scan to Win campaign sought to enhance LG’s brand presence and interaction by encouraging customers in Expert Stores, Ireland, to engage through QR code scans for a chance to win a 55-inch LG TV. 



Scans Recorded


Unique Scans


In cycle 16, we partnered with LG to launch a dynamic advertising campaign across the Expert Electrical Network, aimed to enhancing brand engagement and awareness.

Location and
Targeted Area's:

Strategy and Execution:

Innovative Concept:

The campaign centred around the concept of "Scan to Win," leveraging the allure of a valuable prize to attract customer participation.

Creative Artwork and QR Codes:

Engaging visual designs were crafted to communicate the Scan to Win message effectively. These designs featured a QR code that directed participants to the campaign's landing page.

In-Store Engagement:

Large screens were strategically positioned within Expert Stores to showcase the campaign advertisement, ensuring maximum visibility and customer engagement.

User Journey Enhancement:

A dedicated landing page hosted a user-friendly registration form and provided an automated email response, streamlining the participant's journey from scan to entry.

Results and Impact

Engagement Metrics:

Over the course of the two-week campaign, a total of 1400+ scans were recorded, signifying active engagement from the target audience. Impressively, 800+ scans were unique, showing that the campaign successfully created brand awareness and remarkable engagement.

Multiple Scans:

500+ customers scanned the QR code multiple times. This number indicates the campaign's ability to retain customer interest and motivate repeat visits.

Brand Awareness:

The campaign succeeded in raising LG's brand awareness, as evidenced by the substantial number of scans and interactions.

Customer Interaction:

The recurring scans demonstrated the campaign's appeal and effectiveness in fostering ongoing interaction between LG and its potential customers.


The Scan to Win campaign executed during Cycle 16 for LG at Expert Stores in Ireland showcased remarkable outcomes in terms of engagement, retention, and brand visibility. By capitalizing on innovative strategies such as QR codes, dynamic visuals, and automated responses, the campaign successfully captured the audience’s attention and garnered a substantial level of participation. The campaign’s positive impact on brand awareness and customer interaction underscores its significance as a successful marketing initiative. The Scan to Win campaign’s achievements stand as a testament to the power of inventive engagement tactics in driving brand exposure and fostering enduring customer relationships.

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