Velo's Applegreen Digital Network Takeover

Velo embarked on a strategic Digital-Out-Of-Home campaign, taking over Applegreen’s digital network across Ireland for three cycles.



Velo, a brand under the umbrella of British American Tobacco, embarked on a strategic digital advertising journey in partnership with Applegreen. Over the course of three cycles, Velo took full control of Applegreen’s extensive digital network, comprising 100+ DigiHubs and 400+ Pump screens.

Strategy and Execution:

Velo‘s campaign strategy aimed to captivate and engage on-the-go consumers, maximizing visibility at Applegreen’s gas stations. The execution involved: 

Planning and Scheduling:

Media planning and scheduling to ensure optimal exposure.


Seamless integration with the digital network for a unified brand experience.

Results and Impact

Velo’s campaign strategy aimed to captivate and engage on-the-go consumers, maximizing visibility at Applegreen’s gas stations. The execution involved:

Increased Brand Visibility:

Velo enjoyed unrivaled visibility on the DigiHubs and Pump screens, reaching a wide and diverse audience.

Impressive Engagement:

High audience engagement with Velo's creative content translated into brand recall and consumer interest.

Positive Business Impact:

The campaign contributed to enhanced brand recognition and market share.


Velo’s strategic takeover of Applegreen’s digital network was a resounding success, reinforcing the brand’s presence and impact in the highly competitive market. By utilizing DOOH at Applegreen stations, Velo effectively engaged with its target audience, leaving an indelible impression and achieving its campaign objectives

This case study demonstrates how Velo leveraged DOOH advertising to create a strong brand presence and connect with consumers effectively at Applegreen in Ireland.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our DigiHubs are large, bright screens that allow instant brand awareness at local, regional and national level.
We have over 120 screens at 120 Applegreen service stations nationwide.
The DigiHubs are 55” large screens.
We have 120 outdoor screens and over 10 indoor screens.
Our DidiHubs have multiple 10-second slots, these can be played in rotation.
Yes, our dynamic content delivery platform can display advertisements as they are triggered. The triggers can be set of external factors such as date, time of day, real-time measurement of environment (e.g. the weather) or even the audience demographic that is approaching the screen.
The DigiHubs have a screen resolution of 1080p = 1920 x 1080, crystal clear dynamic HD content.
Your ad will play at least once per minute. So that is a minimum of 60 times per hour.
You can book from only 1 Digihub to over 120.
Yes, you can choose your target locations from our list of over 120 DigiHubs nationwide.
Yes, we will send you a campaign report with images and also a performance report.
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