VUSE — Black Friday Campaign

Vuse, a prominent player in the vaping industry, set its sights on Dublin during Cycle 24 for an outdoor advertising campaign that perfectly aligned with their overarching objectives.


Campaign Overview

Vuse’s Black Friday advertising campaign took to the streets of Dublin, utilizing the captivating and mobile Promobikes to reach a diverse audience. Running from November 25th to 27th, this strategically timed campaign served as a launchpad for the holiday season.

Location and
Targeted Area's:



Promote Vuse Black Friday Offers:

The campaign sought to create heightened awareness and enthusiasm surrounding Vuse's Black Friday deals among the Dublin audience. These offers were designed to captivate both local and international vapers, enticing them with attractive discounts on Vuse products.

Boost Brand Reputation and Growth:

In line with Vuse's broader strategic goals, this campaign aimed to bolster the brand's reputation and overall growth within the Irish market. By establishing a significant presence in Dublin, Vuse aimed to solidify its position as a leading choice for vapers in Ireland.

Prep for the Festive Season:

The timing of this campaign couldn't have been better. As the campaign dates fell just ahead of the Christmas season, Vuse intended to leverage the holiday spirit to increase sales. The campaign aimed to communicate that Vuse products were the ideal choice for holiday shoppers, given their wide range of flavours and the unbeatable convenience of Black Friday deals.

Key Highlights:

Strategic Location:

The campaign strategically placed 4 Promobikes at high-traffic locations across Dublin, ensuring maximum visibility and engagement with the local populace.


By catering to both local and international vapers, Vuse demonstrated a commitment to meeting the needs of a wide-ranging customer base.

Product Showcase:

The campaign not only featured Black Friday offers but also highlighted the extensive flavour selection that Vuse offered. This showcased Vuse's product diversity and appealed to vapers with varying tastes.

Convenience Messaging:

The convenience of Black Friday deals was a central theme. By underlining the ease of access to these promotions, Vuse aimed to draw in shoppers looking for hassle-free holiday shopping.


Vuse’s Black Friday advertising campaign in Dublin successfully elevated the brand’s visibility and recognition within the local market. It not only promoted attractive Black Friday offers but also emphasized the brand’s product diversity and convenience. This campaign played a pivotal role in setting the stage for a successful holiday season, laying the foundation for increased sales as shoppers geared up for Christmas. With its strategic use of Promobikes and impactful messaging, Vuse effectively captured the spirit of Black Friday and the festive season, making a lasting impression on the Dublin audience.

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