Vuse's Experiential Campaign

Vuse, formerly known as Vype, partnered with Promogroup for an experiential campaign spanning three cycles (19, 20, and 21) across Dublin in September and October 2020. The campaign utilized 3 DigiBikes, 1 DigiVan, and 1 Vype-branded van with a big digital screen to promote the new Vuse ePods.



Vuse, formerly known as Vype, collaborated with Promogroup for an experiential campaign to promote the new Vuse ePods in Dublin. This dynamic campaign took place over three cycles during September and October 2020 and utilized a strategic combination of DigiBikes, a DigiVan, and a Vype-branded van with a prominent digital screen.

Location and
Targeted Area's:

The campaign covered various high-footfall locations throughout Dublin, ensuring maximum exposure to the target audience.

Strategy and Execution:

Dynamic Fleet:

The campaign utilized a diverse fleet of assets, including 3 DigiBikes positioned at high-footfall locations and 1 DigiVan with a big digital screen to display captivating Vuse ePod content.

Mobile Promotion:

The Vuse-branded van roamed throughout Dublin, engaging with consumers, delivering brand messages, and showcasing the product features.

Interactive Engagement:

Promogroup's team of experienced Brand Ambassadors interacted with passersby, providing information about the Vuse ePods, and creating memorable experiences.

Results and Impact

High Visibility:

The strategic placement of DigiBikes, the DigiVan, and the Vype-branded van with a digital screen ensured substantial visibility.

Audience Engagement:

The experiential approach engaged consumers directly, resulting in heightened interest and product inquiries.

Successful Introduction:

The campaign successfully introduced and created awareness about the new Vuse ePods.

Sales Uplift:

The engagement and trial of Vuse ePods led to increased sales and market presence.


Vuse’s experiential campaign in collaboration with Promogroup to promote the new Vuse ePods in Dublin was a resounding success. The campaign effectively introduced and generated interest in the product, engaged with the target audience, and ultimately resulted in increased sales. This case study highlights the potential of experiential marketing and mobile promotion, showcasing how strategic planning and execution can create a lasting impact on brand introduction and consumer engagement. The case study can be complemented with visuals, performance data, and any testimonials or quotes from key stakeholders for added authenticity.

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