Vuse's Festival Activations

Vuse, in collaboration with Promogroup, delivered captivating festival activations featuring a mirror stand, engaging Brand Ambassadors, and a thrilling contest.



Vuse, a brand within the British American Tobacco portfolio, partnered with Promogroup to create an immersive festival experience at some of Ireland’s most iconic events. This campaign involved a distinctive mirror stand, knowledgeable Brand Ambassadors, and an interactive contest app, all designed to engage festival-goers and offer them a chance to win a dream holiday.

Strategy and Execution:

The Mirror Stand:

A striking stand composed of mirrors was the centrepiece of the activation. It not only showcased Vuse but also encouraged festival attendees to interact and take captivating photos.

Brand Ambassadors:

Trained Brand Ambassadors from Promogroup were strategically positioned at the stand to inform and engage passersby, sharing the Vuse story and promoting the contest.

Contest App:

A custom contest app, developed by Promogroup, allowed festival-goers to participate in an exciting contest, offering them the chance to win a dream holiday.

Results and Impact

The festival activation delivered outstanding results:

High Footfall:

The mirror stand drew festival-goers in large numbers, creating a buzz and attracting significant foot traffic.

Engagement and Interactions:

Brand Ambassadors from Promogroup successfully engaged attendees, making them aware of Vuse and the contest.

Contest Participation:

The custom contest app garnered substantial participation, driving brand recognition and excitement.

Brand Recall:

Vuse's presence at multiple festivals left a memorable impression, reinforcing brand recall.


Vuse’s festival activation featuring the mirror stand and contest app at Forbidden Fruit, All Together Now, Pride, and Royal Kilmainham Hospital concerts was an extraordinary success. This case study exemplifies how experiential marketing, combined with innovative technology and strategic placement by Promogroup, can create a profound impact on brand recognition and consumer engagement. It is accompanied by visuals, performance data, and any testimonials or quotes from key stakeholders for added authenticity.

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