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Job Title & Responsibilities:
You shall be employed by Promogroup as a Promotional Brand Ambassador.

You shall abide by all reasonable and lawful directions given to you by or under the authority of the Company and use all reasonable endeavors to promote and extend the business of the Company and to protect and further the interests and reputation of the Company.
Equality & Standards:
Promogroup is an equal opportunity employer and we don’t discriminate based on colour, creed, sex, sexual preference, disability or ethnicity. We’d appreciate that when you are working for us that you would always treat people with the utmost respect, while maintaining a professional manner. We work with excellent brands and clients and hope that you will work with us to uphold the standards that our clients expect of us.

We expect all promotional staff to be approachable, warm and enthusiastic. If not, this is the wrong job for you. You should also be ready for sales jobs and lead generation on behalf of our clients.

You are expected to arrive to work ready for action. You should always arrive 10 minutes before the jobs start time, well rested, bright eyed and with a can do approach to the task at hand.

Promotions are generally for short periods of time, so you need to continually strive to make the promotion as successful as possible
Your rate of pay will be agreed before each job. Rates may differ based on the brand and the particular job in question.

All salaries are paid monthly.

Supply any receipts or other back up for expenses owed immediately after each job, either by physical hard copy or by email to eoin@promogroup.ie including the job description date and reason for expense.

Place and Hours of Work:

You will be notified by the account manager on the details of each job. We will endeavor to give you as much notice as is practical.

You must arrive at least 10 minutes before you are scheduled to work so that you are ready to go at the designated time. As with any position, your start time does not indicate the time that you should be arriving.
Place and Hours of Work:
You will be notified by the account manager on the details of each job. We will endeavor to give you as much notice as is practical.

You must arrive at least 10 minutes before you are scheduled to work so that you are ready to go at the designated time. As with any position, your start time does not indicate the time that you should be arriving.

Reports should be written and sent after a promotion is completed and be in the inbox of the account manager before 9am the next day. We also expect that the team leader would send 15-20 well framed photos after each activity.

Uniforms will be provided if necessary. They must be worn correctly and as instructed. You must always do your utmost to maintain your appearance as per the briefing session before each campaign.

All uniforms must be returned to Promogroup at the end of each promotion.

If you are driving a Promogroup vehicle you must read the below before each journey and sign the driving checklist form.

Driving Checklist:
  • Never drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Obey all the rules of the road.
  • Always obey the speed limit – allow 20% less in larger vehicles.
  • When raining or in bad weather slow right down.
  • Same applies when carrying a heavy load.
  • Know your breaking speed and timing.
  • Wear your seat belt. Ensure passengers also do so.
  • Remember to keep the vehicle clean both internally and externally.
  • Treat the vehicle like your own car.
  • Remember that when you are in a branded vehicle, you represent that brand, so be courteous and well mannered. Show respect at all times.
  • Be aware of the length of the vehicle, and use your mirrors.
  • Where appropriate get someone to guide you when parkin or when there are a lot of people around.
  • Be aware of the width needed when turning corners, especially when towing.
  • Be aware of vehicle height.
  • Reverse into spaces so you are ready to go when leaving.
  • Make sure that your license is up to date, and clean of penalty points.
  • If you have penalty points, please make us aware of same.
  • Make sure the vehicle you are driving is insured, and that the tax in date.
  • Report all damage that you have done to a vehicle straight away.
  • If there is an incident or accident call the office straight away.
  • Do not admit liability at the scene of an accident.
  • At the scene of a roadside accident please call the Gardaí.
  • If you are unsure of anything please ask a question.
  • Please be mindful of the excess on claims before you take a vehicle.
  • Fuel cards are for work vehicles only.
All information not in the public domain acquired in the course of your duties must be treated as confidential both during and after termination of your employment.  You should never disclose any information you may acquire about the affairs of the Company or any or its clients.

The records and forms you work with are the property of the Company and must not be shown or given to outsiders without official approval.
Health and Safety:

You are responsible for the safety of yourself, other employees, contractors and visitors whilst at work.  This includes compliance with all company safety procedures and any special regulations relating to your immediate workplace.

Data Protection:
The Company and/or any Group Company and its or their duly authorized agents and employees will collect, store and use your personal information, including sensitive information where necessary, in the course of your employment, for the purposes of the administration and management of its employees and its business and for compliance with applicable laws, procedures and regulations.

Any personal information held by the Company (for example, customers, contacts, suppliers and fellow employees) is confidential to the Company. It should therefore only be used for the legitimate purposes of the Company’s business. Such information must not be used for any other purpose or disclosed to anyone not authorized to receive it.

You must not access, use, process or disclose any such information except for the legitimate purposes of conducting your business with the Company and in accordance with any specific instructions the Company may give you.
Absences from Work:
If for whatever reason you are unable to work a promotion that you have been booked for, please inform your relevant manager giving them 24 hours notice so that they can find a replacement.
We cannot guarantee fixed hours due to the seasonality and project-based work flow, and clients may wish to hire specific staff for specific jobs.  

The Company reserves the right to terminate your Contract without notice if it has reasonable grounds to believe that you are guilty of serious misconduct or serious negligence.  

Upon the termination of this agreement howsoever arising you shall deliver to the Company, all property in your possession belonging to the Company. This includes but is not limited to keys, computer hardware, mobile phones, uniforms and all documents and other records made or compiled or acquired by you during your employment with the Company.